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Different Types Of Cable Ties & Electrical Wiring Accessories

Using UL Certified NYLON 66 from ASCEND AND INVISTA as materials, HONT CABLES TIES have the same performance as standard self-locking cable tie. But by improving the head design of cable ties, Hont Patent Cable Tie HTA series have better tensile in the same width dimension, the improvement is about 25%, which can replace the bigger tension in the application, giving buyers different choices and competitive cable ties price.

As a professional cable ties manufacturer, Hont Electrical Co ltd provides types of cable ties, such as cable straps, zip tie cable, locking cable tie including industrial strength zip ties, commercial zip ties, nylon ties,etc. Now Hont Patent Cable Ties already sell to more than 140 countries, and in some markets, Hont Patent Cable Ties already take a major share and have a very reputation worldwide.

Hont is a professional cable tie manufacturer with 30 years of production experience.

Hont Cable Ties makes the grade with quality.
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